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0:36 Jon's journey to The Good, and how he helps ecommerce businesses optimize conversion rates

5:15 Why he doesn't love discount email popups, and what you might consider instead

8:10 Why keeping the hero imagery simple by featuring a new product / category is better than trying to include a bunch of products or information

8:53 How to think like a shopper and create navigation that helps them buy, especially when it comes to the top navigation (including how to avoid sending them back up the sales funnel instead of down)

12:10 Why you should set really clear expectations of what filling out an email sign up form means, and what that should include

14:25 The case for clear calls to action

15:39 The pitfalls of carousels

17:40 The challenge with using Add To Cart on the homepage

19:16 Why you should consider creating visually consistent, clear CTAs

19:55 Don't bury subscriptions / memberships toward the bottom of the page

21:04 The optimal "Shop our Instagram" experience

21:51 How to make testimonials stronger

24:03 Consider adding a "Need it Today" section if the site visitor can buy local (+ language you can pair with this to encourage subscriptions)

24:33 How to arrange your site's footer

27:45 Consider beefing up category pages to do more than show just the products in that category

28:55 The danger of not offering a Learn More / View Details type CTA in addition to Add to Cart

31:00 Product page pointers, including images, product description, subscription expectation setting, reviews, and the optimal order of the content on this page

52:06 What should happen after someone converts on a subscription (this includes the emails you should send and how to manage your brand's relationship with a subscriber)

57:00 When should you promote more products to subscribers?

59:10 How much email is too much email in addition to an upcoming shipment notification?

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