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Session highlights (links go to YouTube)

1:52 Brandon’s journey to founding Electriq

4:53 3 Reasons why the need for retention services have recently increased

7:57 Why it's critical to audit your subscription experience

10:15 Should you hire outside your company to audit your subscription experience?

14:20 Actions you can take to improve the subscriber experience that directly impact retention and LTV

24:33 Common problems found in the subscription experience

31:30 Low-hanging fruit for increasing retention and LTV: post-purchase offers

34:41 What brands get wrong with loyalty programs

39:09 What to include on a loyalty page

42:15 How to stagger SMS and email messaging for your subscribers

49:06 Where to find Brandon

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Shopify tags are live in ARPU

I hinted at this last week (scroll to end) and since then I've found out they're released.

Go forth and create upcoming charge notifications built on Shopify tag triggers!

Example: Subscribers with Shopify tag (LTV > $1,000) are offered 30% off all upsells shown in their message.

Go crazy, y'all. And if you want to spitball ideas (reach out to me, ARPU support, or maybe Brandon!).