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Session Highlights (links go to YouTube)

3:44 - Joelle’s experience with retention at Churn Buster

6:25 - What Churn Buster does

8:56 - What the lowest-churn companies do to extend LTVs

11:59 - The most photographed slide at ChargeX: Company A VS Company B

19:14 - Why defaulting to subscription isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution

23:24 - Common misconceptions about passive churn, and a better way to think about retention

26:47 - What's the lowest-hanging fruit in churn reduction? (Aka what you can do to immediately reduce churn)

28:54 - Best practices for dunning

35:24 - What you can do to optimize retention over time

41:53 - What’s the biggest reason your subscribers should stay?

45:00 - Where to find Joelle (and start busting churn)

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Thanks again to Joelle, for sharing your knowledge about churn, dunning, and retention.

Happy selling, y'all,

Ashley @ ARPU