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Session highlights (links go to YouTube)

1:00 - Intro

3:12 - Gen's journey to founding Prehook, the company's values, and how it helps ecommerce businesses collect data and serve customers

7:06 - Defining data types (zero, first, third, etc.)

12:00 - What makes a quiz good

13:38 - Examples of brands with good quizzes

16:25 - Setting expectations for quizzes

17:25 - Number of questions to ask in a quiz

20:08 - The curiosity gap effect on quizzes

21:40 - What makes bad quizzes bad

23:12 - The results brands that do well with quizzes achieve

24:18 - Completion benchmarks and tips for building quizzes customers finish

29:26 - When to introduce a quiz

33:00 - Ways to use quiz data: building customer messaging and relationships

38:52 - Using quiz data to fuel info emails between renewals

44:47 - Prehook's mission and future plans

52:56 - Why you should reverse engineer quiz flows to the data you want to gather and use in serving customers

54:30 - Where to find Gen and Prehook if you have questions

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