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Session highlights (links go to YouTube)

0:00 - Intro

1:50 - Brad's journey to founding The Outloud Group

3:40 - What does it mean to be an influencer?

8:57 - People trust people (and influencers) more than brands

11:55 - How subscription brands are uniquely poised to benefit from influencer marketing

16:44 - The potential result of influencers working with brands long-term

21:22 - Finding the right influencer

26:37 - Brand voice vs. brand advocacy

30:30 - Why you should look for influencers who are excited about what you sell

32:58 - How influencers can target segments

34:51 - What subscription brands really need to do to make the most of influencer marketing

41:18 - Different ad setups for influencers

45:01 - Potential ARPU project: Subscription Life of Pets... Can we leverage TikTok? Can you?

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Big thank you to Seth for keeping things running while I was out last week!

If you want to read about how my family faced a particularly stressful travel challenge during spring break, you can check that out here.

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