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1:50 - Andrew's journey to founding Givz, the company's values, and how it helps ecommerce businesses stop running discounts, build goodwill with customers, and increase profits

10:00 - How social good can be woven into your company authentically

13:40 - How brands can leverage donations without coming across as opportunistic

18:23 - How discounts on the first order can decrease overall LTV

22:10 - Quick math breakdown of how the option to donate to a charity works

23:45 - Why customer agency is so important in today's landscape

30:22 - How a donation service can fit in to subscription selling

39:48 - The math you'll want to do if you’re considering adding donations

48:40 - Building customer segments based on what they’ve donated to previously

49:42 - How Recharge sellers can get setup with Givz (and possibly use both Givz and ARPU together)

52:40 - Where to find Andrew and Givz

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Next week is spring break for my family, y'all. We're going to enjoy some time together and I'll be back fresh for our session on March 23. Seth will be stepping in and sending your weekly speaker alert email.

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💡 Idea: Create loyalty journeys with your upcoming shipment messages

Sure, it's great to remind your subscribers that their next shipment is coming soon, but what if you sent custom messages and upsell product recommendations based on how long they've been subscribed to a particular product?

For instance, on the first 3 renewals, you might focus on offering quick tips for using the product they've subscribed to. Plus, you can use these early messages to condition them to expect good things in your emails. Try including the chance to claim a free item to be added to their shipment.

During subsequent renewals, you might shift to letting them know to expect a bigger reward when they hit specific renewal counts, like 6, 9, and 12 months. You can build up anticipation for those larger "prizes" while introducing them to upsell products that compliment the one(s) they've subscribed to.

You'll want to map out what an amazing subscriber journey might look like (hint: ask your most loyal subscribers for feedback!) and track LTV and retention metrics as you test what you build.

Note: ARPU's new campaigns feature will allow you to send unique messages and upsell options based on renewal count, subscription item(s), or both. We can help get you set up. Check out a full tutorial to learn more.